CEC Re-Certifies the “1 in 30” Enalasys & CBPCA HERS Program

Today (Wednesday, April 7th, 2010) at the California Energy Commission’s Business Meeting, the California Building Performance Contractor’s Association (CBPCA) was re-certified by a (unanimous) vote as a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) provider. CBPCA HERS Raters conduct field verification and diagnostic testing on alterations to demonstrate compliance with the 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards with Enalasys as a Third-Party Quality Control Program Verification Service Provider.

Randel Riedel, a CBPCA board member said:

“We are pleased that our efforts to design and implement new software and a HERS Registry that will enable HERS Raters with a quick and easy way to record their ratings. Additionally they will also be able to promote themselves by listing their training, skills and experience to prospective clients through their own dedicated webpage.

We are also delighted that the Enalasys Third Party Quality Control Program can restart where it left off as one of the most cost effective programs for contractors and home owners. This program will continue to develop cutting edge energy saving technologies for the benefit of their customers, as well as to the State of California. They also are committed to continuing improvement of the quality assurance of the work performed by their trained and qualified heating and air conditioning contractors performing energy efficiency improvements for home owners throughout California.

We can now resume our leadership role in serving the certification and training needs of HERS Raters throughout California.”

What does this year’s approval mean?

  1. Permits can once again be closed by submitting only your compliance form CF6R to Building Departments that have chosen to accommodate the CEC “may accept and close” language.
  2. 1/30 Sampling can once again be accommodated with appropriate compliance forms by HERS Raters and Third Party Approved Contractors.

What is new in the 2008 Energy Codes relative to Title 24 Requirements for HVAC?

  1. Air Flow, Refrigerant Charge, & Duct Test & Seal are now MANDATORY!
  2. Simultaneous Fan Watt Draw and Airflow measurements are now required for alterations or new add-ons/cut-ins.

For more details about the 2008 Energy Codes, visit the California Energy Commission at http://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/.


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